The Birney Hive Hunt


Would you like to donate and help support Alice Birney’s IB and specials programs please click below.


Alice Birney hosts it’s Hive Hunt Fundraiser during the first quarter of the year. Check in is at Birney by the front gates and you must check in to receive an event code. The entry fee is $40 per team, with a maximum of four team members per team in the initial offering and after that date the entry fee will be $50 a team.

Working in teams, Birney Bees and their families will race on foot through out University Heights, completing various challenges using the EventZee app on their phones. There will be photo, video, GPS, quiz and QR code challenges which may require you to be at a specific location, while others will test your knowledge. The teams that earn the most points in their grade categories will win monetary prizes. The event culminates at Birney Elementary where we will announce the winners and hand out prizes.


As this is a fundraiser for the Birney IB program, we are always looking for sponsors for the event, who will be directly be incorporated in the event. Here are the ways to sponsor the Birney Hunt.

-Become a Featured Community Sponsor as an Individual or Business by donating $500 or more. Community Sponsors are featured on our website, in regular publications to the school community and will be featured on the official Run For The Green T-shirt and the Scavenger Hunt app! Sponsors donating $1,000 or more are also highlighted on the marquee at the front of the school and presented with a beautiful, framed “Thank You” photo to display.
Sponsor the event for $100 by being a scavenger hunt destination or challenge, where we provide you a QR code, answer to a quiz to post on store front or we can work on customized photo or video challenge which will get posted and viewed by other players.