Matching Donations


What are Matching Gifts?

Matching gifts are a fantastic simple way to double and sometimes triple your donation to Birney Elementary to help support our Spanish, Garden and Art programs. Numerous companies support the philanthropy of their employees and their community by “matching” your charitable contribution. First you donate. Then, your employer “matches” it. It’s as simple as that!

Can my employer match my donation?

To find out if your employer will match a donation you have given Birney Elementary, click on this link Matching Companies List. If you do not see your company listed, don’t give up!! Please check with your Human Resources Department today. It is hard to keep current with all the companies that so generously offer a matching gift program. If your company does not currently have a matching gift program, urge them to start one.

Does corporate matching benefit my employer?

Definitely! Yes! Corporations are happy to match your donation as they will receive a tax deduction for their donation.

What do you need to know?

You’ll need to know some basic tax information for the Friends of Alice Birney. You can find this information below.

How does the program work?

Programs vary from one company to another, but the process is usually easy and straightforward:

  • Contact your employer’s HR Department and ask if they have a Matching Gift Program
  • Once you confirm your employer does have a Matching Gift program, verify they are able to donate to a nonprofit of your choice and not from a limited list of pre-selected organizations
  • Obtain the Matching Gifts form that your company provides. Fill it out with your donation information and the information of the Friends of Alice Birney found below.
  • Once completed and received, your company will verify your donation with FOABE.

Talk to your Human Resources Department:

 Friends of Alice Birney Elementary (FOABE) is a recognized tax-exempt public charity by the IRS under Section 501(C)(3).

Organization’s Name: Friends of Alice Birney Elementary
Tax ID/Employer ID: 27-2414127
Organization’s Classification: 501(C)(3)

Mailing Address:
Friends of Alice Birney Elementary
P.O. Box 635343
San Diego, CA 92163

Organization’s website:

Gift Allocation: All monetary gifts are used for general operating support for our school’s programs.

Matching Gifts Contact at Friends of Alice Birney Elementary: