Run For The Green Sponsorship Opportunities!

The International Baccalaureate Program at Birney is at the core of what makes Birney such an amazing school and the Specials program at Birney complements and fulfills areas of the IB certification of the school. These specials programs are not funded by the San Diego Unified School District and are only made available by the fundraising efforts of the Friends of Alice Birney Elementary.

Please consider helping us support and grow this program which has made Birney such an incredibly unique neighborhood school in University Heights by sponsoring our Run For the Green.

Ways to Sponsor Run For The Green:

  1. Become a Featured Community Sponsor as an Individual or Business by donating $500 or more. Community Sponsors are featured on our website, in regular publications to the school community and will be featured on the official Run For The Green T-shirt! Sponsors donating $1,000 or more are also highlighted on the marquee at the front of the school and presented with a beautiful, framed “Thank You” photo to display.
  2. Sponsor a T-shirt for a Birney Bee with a $75 donation. This helps a student who wouldn’t have otherwise raised enough money to qualify for the official shirt to be gifted one!
  3. Sponsor a Bee with a $20 or more donation! These sponsorships help students who haven’t been able to raise enough to participate in the prize raffle to have a chance to win an amazing prize for their run.
  4. Sponsor a classroom with $25 or more to help each student in a class, regardless of their ability to raise funds, to know that they had a part in supporting their specials programs at Birney through their run.

You, as part of our community, are an integral part of our program and you are key to its success.  Becoming a world-class organization requires teamwork, and we are better every year at working together in the service of our Birney students. Our motto is “Think globally, learn locally,” which means we take into account the global perspective in addition to our own, and we recognize and respect the last thought in the IBO’s mission statement which is that “Other people, with their differences, may also be right.”

Funds raised by FOABE events support the IB program by funding annual program fees, field trips, assemblies, and supplies, as well as the Spanish, art, and garden programs. All of this is designed to meet the IB learner profile. To learn more about the International Baccalaureate program, please visit