Run for the Green- Pledgestar FAQs


Frequently Asked Pledgestar Questions

  1. Why is Pledgestar an important part of our fundraiser? The Pledgestar system has been shown to increase jog-athon sponsorships by large percentages due to its ease of use. Many of our neighboring schools have used this system with great success, and we hope to too!
  2. Why do fundraisers that use Pledgestar raise so much more? On average up to 60% of email sponsorship requests actually become a donation. The user-friendly system makes it fun and easy to support our school.
  3. How can I make this system work for me? By registering your name linked to your teacher’s name at AND entering in 5 or more emails of friends and family, your fundraising effort will be a piece of cake. Testimonials from current students already show a drastic increase in their pledge dollars over previous years! (This also means more opportunity drawing tickets for you )
  4. Do the emails I send get shared with anyone else? PledgeStar does not use or disclose data collected on the website in any way beyond what is needed to email pledge requests, collect donations, send notifications and provide reports.
  5. Are payments secure? YES! Pledgestar’s website and payment systems all check out with high ratings from multiple agencies.  

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team at