Fall Fundraiser 2022 is on NOW until October 14!!!

Please consider participating in Birney’s first major fundraiser of the year!

Ways to participate:

• Register online with Boon’s and share with your contacts.  Scan the QR code or visit bsply.com/355050 and complete the form.

• Send the fundraiser information to friends and family using the BOOST feature and earn prizes.

• Shop Boon’s online store (we get 40% of all purchases) Go to boonsupply.com/355050

• Donate directly to FOABE here! This option is for Birney families who do not want to make purchases.

IMPORTANT: Boon Supply does have a “Direct Donation” item on their storefront. Please ask friends and family to donate directly to FOABE instead of using this service! They take 20% of the donation to process the transaction.