Hey Birney Bees!

It’s time to RUN for the GREEN (RFTG)! This year, we will be participating in 5 weeks of activities culminating in the RUN for the Green! Each week leading up to RFTG will include physical activities such as: Going loco for locomotor skills, fitness, have a ball and jumping rope.

What is Run for the Green?

Run for the Greenthe Birney health and wellness run (and other physical activities) is hosted by Friends of Alice Birney Elementary (FOABE) and Coach Lord. In the weeks leading up to RFTG, we hold our largest and most rewarding fundraiser of the year! Birney Bees collect “pledges” to help fund key elements of our highly successful International Baccalaureate (IB) program which includes Spanish, Performance Art and Garden for all students.

How do YOU participate?!:

The weeks from April 16th through May 21st, each student will participate in physical activities to benefit their health. Coach Lord will be reminding you (along with RFTG committee) what activities you will be doing each week.

Then, sign-up (on to support your school by asking friends, neighbors, and relatives to help us reach our fundraising goal.

GET STARTED – sign-up details:

1.  Sign up at
2. Enter your (parent’s) name and email address then click REGISTER.
3. Follow the instructions on-screen to enter student’s info and publish your site.

Opportunity drawing:

There will be an opportunity drawing for all Birney students and prizes will be awarded. To qualify for the drawing, you must collect at least $20 in sponsorship. After the first $20, each $10 donation will provide you with an additional ticket(s) for the drawing. The more you raise, the more chances you have to win!! (ex. If a student raises $40 in pledges, then she will have 3 opportunity tickets in the final drawing).

The opportunity drawing will take place within two weeks after RFTG is completed. And arrangements will be made for all prize recipients to gather their winnings.

Additional details:

1. T-shirts: Each student that raises $75 will receive one limited edition 2021 Run for the Green T-shirt designed by Birney students. T-shirts will be handed out as soon as they are available. The ART contest deadline was March 1st. The winning design will be displayed at Birney.

2. Opportunity drawing (OD): If any Birney families would like to donate to the OD, please contact Fran at Thank you in advance!

Any individual (Grandparent, parent, relative, friend) or community member or business is most welcome to be a sponsor. Here are the ways to do so:

Classroom sponsorships: Sponsor a classroom of students. A minimum donation of $1 per student is recommended and appreciated.

Bee sponsorships (Sponsor a Birney student): donate on behalf of a Birney student (s) who otherwise would not be able to participate in RFTG. A donation of $20 is a suggested starting point (so they can participate in the Opportunity drawing).

Tee it up sponsor: Purchase a t-shirt for a student who otherwise would not receive one by a donating $75.

Run for the GREEN sponsorship: Donate an amount starting at $500. Any individual or business who donates $500 or more will be recognized on the RFTG Wall of Fame & Appreciation for 1 year! (this is aka the RFTG Board on the Birney campus).
Also, any donation of $1K or greater will also provide the individual or business with recognition in many additional ways such as listed on the back of the RFTG t-shirt (if donation arrives by April 27th), the electronic board at Birney, etc…

Please contact Fran Daly at regarding Sponsorships. Thank you in advance for your support of Birney students, staff and faculty!