LAST WEEK of the Fall Fundraiser!!! -Orders Due FRIDAY 10/4!

We have over $13,000 from on-line orders so far!  Our goal is $27,500 in sales, so let’s get those orders in!    Catalog orders will be collected at the front gate Wed & Fri mornings from 8:15 -9:15 am.

We have over 15 students who have earned their spot on the Game Truck!  The list will be posted at school early this week. REMEMBER, students selling at least 17 items from the Boon Supply catalogue, or who collect direct donations of at least $275 earn a spot on the Game Truck!

We ran out of space-themed key chains last week, but more are on their way!  Bring your coupons to Ms. Bee at the front gate Wed or Fri am from 8:15-9:15am.

For anyone who sent their BOOST10 emails (by 9/20), but didn’t get your Glow in Dark Stars please email Janet Snook at

Products from catalog orders will be delivered to the school in early November. Any questions? Please email Janet Snook at