Big Give 2018

Click on the “Big Give” button below to make your donation today! Our goal is 200 donors and $30,000!

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Thank you for your support!

8:00pm – We did it! Though we were short on donors, we managed to raise $25,473 from 147 donors. Our business donors will be matching this with an additional $5,500 bringing us above our $30,000 goal by almost $1,000!! We will verify the final numbers in the next 24 hours as cash and check donations continue to come in. Thank you to everyone that participated!

6:42pm – We are closing in on the end of this fundraiser. What a showing we’ve had. Let’s get that last push in! With 120 donations we still need 80 donations to meet our goal of 200 donations! But we have raised $22,968 which is awesome!!

4:55pm – 106 donors! $21,183! You guys rock! With just about 2 hours to go, we need a final push to get those remaining 94 donors on board. Let’s do it for those amazing kids we love.

4:00pm – We did it! We have made it past the $20,000 mark with 3 hours to go! 98 donors have contributed so far. If you prefer to contribute via cash or check, you can still drop your donation off tomorrow morning in the locked FOABE box in the office.

2:28pm – With 82 donors we have almost surpassed the $20,000 mark!! That is incredible. We still have 4 1/2 hours to go in support of our IB program at Birney. This fundraiser will help us towards our goal for the year of $145,000 to fund the programs and learning opportunities that make our school one-of-a-kind.

1:19pm – 13 new donations in the last 90 minutes! Keep it up Birney! We are up to 72 donors. 128 more to meet our goal with a little under half way to go!! Thank you to all that have donated already!

11:51am – $17, 265 from 59 donors so far today! What a special community we have here! Thank you for all of the generous donations! We have now surpassed last year’s 3pm total and it’s not even noon!

10:55am – What an incredible morning we’ve had! We have now raised $15,150 from the generous donations of 45 donors. We are a little behind in number of donors compared to last year, but we have surpassed our amount raised by 11am by about $3,000! Thank you to all that have donated already today. Don’t forget to spread the emails to your friends and family, too!

9:27am – I just returned from drop off where a bunch of super enthusiastic kids were helping me hold signs in support of Specials! I’m excited to say that we have already crossed the $10,000 line with donations from 35 individual sponsors! Thank you!!

8:00am – We’re an hour in and with 11 donations we have raised $4,305!! Thank you for your donations! If you’d prefer to donate with cash or check, look for the Big Give signs at the front gate before and after school today!

7:37am – Wow! Just 37 minutes in and we’ve received 9 donations from a few early birds totaling $1,605! You all are amazing! Thank you so much!

7:00am – And we’re OFF!! We have already received $20 from 1 donor! Remember our goal is 200 individual donations! We can do it!!!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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