Big Give 2016


We raised $16,227.36 from 175 individual donors!  With an additional $4,100 raised by our anonymous matching donor pool that brings our grand total raised for the 2016 Big Give to:


Olimometer 2.52

Big Give Liveblog

6:30AM – Thanks to a few late night stragglers rolling in we have broken $16,000 for a total of $16,017.36 from 169 donors.  Feeling so grateful for all that we’ve accomplished in the last 24 hours.

8:30PM – THANK YOU so much for your generous donations. Our final number before the match has been added is $15,627.36 from 158 donors (for now).  Of course, we won’t turn away any more donations that might come in tonight. 😉 Well done, Birney!!

7:41PM – OK maybe you still have a little time. 🙂 We continue to inch our way up the thermometer.  Now we’re at $15,117.36 from 148 individual donors.  Let’s see if we can at least meet our final count from last year of 189 donors.  That’s 41 more donors between now and 8:30pm.  Remember, your support doesn’t just cover your child’s education, but supports the greater Birney community.  It takes a village.

6:58PM – Last chance to donate!! We have raised $14,247.36 from 133 fantastic donors.  The more donors we can get, the higher the matching donation will be.  Even if your donation seems small.  We are so grateful for each and every donation. It’s NOT TOO LATE!

5:46PM – Wow!!! We are blowing past last years fundraising numbers.  We have now raised $13,021.36 thanks to 115 generous donors!

5:03PM – Thanks to an after school push we are at $11781.36 raised from 95 donors.  That’s $1000 and 8 donors ahead of this time last year! We have 2 more hours to reach our goal. Thanks to all who have donated so far!

4:27PM – Well, we have caught back up to last years numbers with $10,561 raised from 86 donors.  Keep the momentum going! Just a few short hours to meet our goal of $23,000 and 225 donors. Don’t forget each donation is matched with money from our matching pool adding even more value to any size donation.

3:00PM – We have raised $9,251 from 75 donors so far.  Down a bit from last year at this point, but we have LOTS of time left! If you would like to donate via cash or check, there will be a collection table in front of school at pick up today as well as a box in the auditorium at SAY/PrimeTime pick up this evening. Thanks to all who have donated!

2:13PM – Just under 5 hours to go! 70 donors have donated a total of $8,826 so far.  We have 155 donations to go to meet our goal.  Whether your donation is large or small, it is all of great value to our IB Program here at Birney. Help us to continue our fantastic Specials programs! We are right on pace with last year’s number of donors. Thank you all for your generosity!

12:43PM – I just returned from the 2nd grade assembly.  So amazing what our Art, Spanish, and Garden teachers are doing with these kids.  Your donation today ensures that these enriching programs continue not just for your student, but for all the students!  We have raised $8096 from 58 donors at this point.  We are around $500 shy of last years total at this time.  Spread the word and help us boost our numbers!!!

8:52AM – We’re off to a great start! $3,846.11 from 24 donors so far! Let’s keep it going!

8:12AM – We have tripled our number of donors in the first hour! $2151 from 13 donors so far.  Let’s see if we can keep the momentum going.  Share this fundraiser with friends and family via Facebook and/or by forwarding the emails you’ll be receiving throughout the day!

7:02AM – We are off to a great start due thanks to some early bird donors!! $490 from 4 donors in the first 2 minutes.  Help us reach our goal today of 225 donors!  We can do it!  Spread the word!!

Thank you for your support!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead