October Spotlight on Specials

The Kindergartners started off the school year learning about the Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky. “We talked about colors and lines and how even if a painting may not look realistic, it is still art! We read the book, The Dot, and talked about how we all have to start with that first dot, make our mark, and see where it takes us.”


“I stress individuality, being unique, making your own art and not one just like your neighbor’s. If we wanted a “perfect” line we would print one on a computer. If we wanted two of the exact same art pieces, we would make a photo copy. But that’s not what we want in the art room. We all have something different to offer, and that’s the way we will approach art this year. We will move forward with lessons that tie into their IB units, learn about artists, movements, and using different mediums to familiarize ourselves with a variety of art terms and tools. It will be fun, positive and usually a little bit of a challenge. But when the kids finish each piece they are so proud. Nothing beats seeing their faces at the end of art!”


The collages shown here were created by Kindergarten students in Mrs. Bruce’s art class. Please welcome this fantastic, new art teacher to the “Specials” teaching team.

Meet Mrs. Ashley Bruce (Kindergarten Art)

My name is Ashley Bruce and I will be this year’s art teacher for Kindergarten. I also teach about 600 students art at another school in the area as well. I started doing this because of my passion for art, individuality, creativity and acceptance of challenges. I was seeing that many times kids are afraid to fail so they don’t start. And they are bored so they don’t engage. There is a huge need for this way of thinking to change in today’s society and it starts with our children. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and if any of you want to volunteer to help facilitate art on Friday mornings with me and be a part of the joy, please let me know. It’s a fun experience and honestly most volunteers get just as much out of it as the kids do!