Specials Spotlight- April

Once again our fabulous Specials teachers were found incorporating the IB Units from our students’ classrooms into the Specials curriculum.  This month we head back out into the garden.

Kindergartners studying worms
The Kindergarteners, while studying wood as a natural resource in the classroom, learned in the garden about what things are biodegradable.  They got out their worm homes and discussed decomposers in our neighborhood.  Worms are the best for helping us to make great soil!
2nd Graders with pictures of their food families
The 2nd graders learned about Healthy Choices in their classrooms as well as in the garden. Kids broke out into color groups and learned about the valuable phyto (plant) nutrients that different colors provide us. The kids got into the spirit of things creating cheers and scenes to help express all of the nutrients and values of their color groups. Eat a Rainbow!
5th Graders preparing their entry into the Carton 2 Garden Contest

The 5th graders collected and reused milk cartons from the cafeteria to use as planters for growing succulents and strawberries.  Fingers crossed that they win the Carton 2 Garden contest and earn $5,000 for our school!