Big Give 2014 is ON!!

6:55 – Let the fun begin! We’ve had a few donations trickle in before the ‘official’ start. That’s great. We’ll take ’em. 3 donors, $190.00

7:50 – Apparently we have an issue with the link in the email… we should be getting that fixed shortly. Even with that, we’ve still had a solid first hour. 17 donors for $2465.00

9:30 – The email link has been fixed… The kids are in school… 5 donors stopped by the table this morning to add $125 to the Big Give event. Total is up to 38 donors and $4065.00 Just 2 more donors and we’ll be 1/5 of the way to our goal of 200 individual donors!

11:05 – Four hours into the event and we have passed the 1/4 mark. We are ahead of last year in terms of donors, and a little behind last years pace on dollars. If you have already donated – Thanks! and now go find 2 friends and encourage them to go make their donations too. 59 donors and $5515.00.

12:05 – I was going to suggest that the 5th graders should try to calculate the average donation, but that seems a little too easy now. 69 donors for $6900.00

12:35 – Nothing like a call from Ms Amanda to spark a little surge in donations. Nice little bump there taking us to… 77 donations for $7,500.00

1:30 – Just past the half-way point in terms of time and pretty close to half way for donors. 87 donors for $8,345

4:00 – We’ve made it past the afternoon doldrums. We have 3 hours left and it’s time for the after school flurry. 111 donors and $10,541

5:20 – We’re pretty close to exceeding last year’s count of 135 donors. 127 donors for $11,836.00

6:20 – So we’ve now crushed last years donor count and are closing in on the dollar total of $16,187… can we beat that too??? Just 52 more people to meet our goal. Current count 148 donors for $12,826

6:46 – The last-minute types are bringing it in. 161 donors for $13,401

7:10 – A few more stragglers are sneaking in – that’s fine… keep it coming. We’ll hold it open for you. 168 donors for $13,951

8:00 – Wow! What a day. Thank you! 175 Donors! $14,361 raised in a single day! That is a 30% increase in donors over last year.

We are absolutely astounded by the generous outpouring of support from our Birney friends and family. We will send out an updated email on Monday with the final numbers after we finalize the match with our anonymous donors. Please be patient while we work out the details as we think it will be worth the wait.

Once again we feel compelled to use the following quote. It is completely apropos of what has just been accomplished by the Birney community.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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IF you prefer to make your donation anonymously, you can donate through Razoo.

Thank you for your support!