Big Give 2013 – Matching Grant Announced

Dear Birney Community,

We have incredible news from our anonymous donors. First and foremost, our donors want to express their deep gratitude to us all, for our hard work supporting Birney. To celebrate our community’s incredible generosity, they are going to contribute a 20% match for dollars which comes to $3,237. In addition they will also contribute a $10/donor grant, which amounts to $1,350. For a total of $4,587, which they will round to $4,600!

This incredible donation, together with the $16,187 we raised during yesterday’s Big Give, comes to a grand total of $20,787! That is $787 more than our goal.

All totaled, we have raised $42,287 since the start of the 2013/2014 school year. We are almost half way to our goal and the school year is only one third completed. Way to go Birney Bees!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us have yet another successful fundraiser which allows the teachers and staff of Birney to continue to provide our IB curriculum.

Thank you,
The Friends of Alice Birney Elementary