Big Give 2013 is ON!

7:16 – Good Morning! We’re off to a great start with grandparents and other out-of-town relatives well represented among the early birds. $2600 already.

8:01 – Way to rock the first hour! $4417 already. Help us get the word out – click the facebook button from the email you received or from the bottom of this post. If you didn’t get an email – you can sign up for our list right there ——————->

9:15 – $5921 online and over $200 at the school gate before the school day even began. Thank you all! Keep spreading the word to friends and family.

10:53 – Looks like that little boy running around like a maniac handing out flyers this morning made a big difference for our Big Give! We’re now at 52 donors, $7570

11:30 – We are waaayyyy ahead of last year. We just crossed the $8000 mark. Last year at this time we had $3960. Let’s keep this rolling – here are some NEW reasons to give now (along with some old that never go out of style)…

  • Reason #421 to join the “Big Give” right now: Tax break next April 15!
  • Reason #17 to join the “Big Give” right now: So we can blow last year’s total out of the water.
  • Reason #126 to join the “Big Give” right now: We have another anonymous donor with matching grant
  • Reason #21 to join the “Big Give” right now: To show others what we already know, that Birney is the best!
  • Reason #204 to join the “Big Give” right now: Coach Lord knows where you live.

1:00 – just like last year… Soooooo close to half way at half time. We’ve had 64 donors contribute $9,142 so far.

2:00 – And we crossed the half way point! 70 donors – $10,388 The early birds have done their part – let’s encourage the last-minute types to bring it home.

4:00 – Well, the 4th graders just had a very timely presentation on all the work they’ve been doing in ‘specials’ this trimester. Makes it really clear how important events like these are for funding our IB enrichment programs. 82 donors have given $12,108 so far today.

5:30 – We’ve had online donations from $10 to $700, and each one of those 101 dalmations, er, donations, gets us closer to our goal. We’re at $13,400.

6:40 – Well that was a nice little jump. Nothing like a personal request from Ms Amanda to spark a little activity. 12 more people donated in the last hour bringing totals to 113 donors and $14,338. How much more can we get in the last 20 minutes?

7:10 – We do have some procrastinators among us… you know who you are… sneaking in under the wire – Thank you! We beat last year’s totals (119 donors for $13,053) for both number of donors with 123 this year and dollars raised with $15,335. Great work everybody and Congratulations to us all!

7:25 – Given the weather and the likely traffic problems tonight, we’ll leave the links up for a little longer. Please feel free to make your donation even though it’s after 7:00. Rest assured, this is one time Ms Amanda won’t mind if you’re tardy 😉

Click the image below to donate now!

IF you prefer to make your donation anonymously, you can donate through Razoo.

Thank you for your support!