Make Your Voice Heard – Support AB 2434

A message from San Diego Unified…

The State Legislature is now busy considering legislation that will impact our schools and public education funding. AB 2434, by Assemblyman Marty Block, is an important bill that provides budget flexibility for school districts with the use of local real estate revenues. This bill will help school districts like San Diego Unified to balance our budget during these difficult economic times. AB 2434 will give your elected school board local decision making authority over real estate revenues to decide how these revenues are used to serve students.
The San Diego Unified School District has just launched the Education Issues Action Center to give supporters of public education an easy online way to contact their elected representatives to express their opinions about school funding and other issues.
To learn more about AB 2434 and make your voice heard, please visit the Action Center now. Just enter your zip code and you will be able to send a letter to your representatives about this important legislation.
While you are at the Action Center, you will also be able to sign a petition supporting public education and you can also enter your zip code to find your representatives and send a letter to express your support for adequate school funding from the state.
Visit the Action Center today, sign up for updates and share it with a friend. You can also spread the word and share the Action Center on Facebook and Twitter!
Thanks for your support for our students and our schools.