Fall Fundraiser 2022

The Fall Fundraiser will run for September 10th-October 8th and 40% of all your purchases will go towards Birney’s IB programs, specials and more!

By participating in the Fall Fundraiser, you are also eligible to win prizes all the way.   If you sell 3 items or 50 items, you are a winner.   There are also other special prizes, such as a BMX bike and $100 cash, that will be awarded to one lucky Birney student.

The final incentive for participating in the event is a chance to win a trip to the GAMETRUCK!   Most likely, the game truck will be on campus during a Saturday school in January 2022.   At that time, if a family pays for an IB learner for a year ($350) or purchases 22 items from Boon’s supply will win ONE trip on the Game truck.  We will honor the winners from the 2020-2021 year, too.

Make sure to send out 10 BOOST emails through the BOON website to get a prize!! https://www.boonsupply.com/collections/614490-birney-elementary

If you’d like to make a direct donation click the link below and make sure to add your child’s name and FALL FUNDRAISER. http://friendsofalicebirney.org/one-time-donation/

If you would like more information about this fundraising event, or would like to volunteer to help out, please email info@friendsofalicebirney.org