Fall Fundraiser 2020


Thanks to the purchases from Boon Supply and generous donations from our friends and families, the FOABE Fall Fundraiser raised over $20,000!  This will help support our amazing Specials classes and IB program at Birney. This year’s Fall Fundraiser was very challenging due to distance restrictions, but our community turned out in a BIG way!  

We have 63 students who will join us for Birney’s first Drive-In Movie Night and 32 students who won opportunity drawing prizes!  The opportunity drawing prizes and the prizes from Boon Supply will be given out at the material distribution days over the next month. More information will be sent out on the final Drive-In Movie list and the winners of the raffle prizes!

Even though the Fundraiser is officially over, Boon Supply has extended their offer to give back 40% of every purchase until the end of the year!!! If there are any items you missed out on during the fundraiser or have gifts to purchase for the holiday season, shop our Boon Supply page to give even more to support Birney!

If you would like more information about this fundraising event, or would like to volunteer to help out, please email info@friendsofalicebirney.org