Thanks to your hard work, we will be able to keep our specials, and our    International Baccalaureate PYP Programme alive and well for our students, teachers, and staff this year. 

There are so many people to thank for making this event a success! First and foremost, we THANK OUR BIRNEY FAMILIES who donated to our students and who showed up to cheer on the kids last Friday. Your energy and commitment to our community is what makes it all worthwhile.

THANK YOU to all the TEACHERS & STAFF!! We could not have reached our goal without you either. We would like to give a special Thank You to Ms. Amanda, Coach Lord, and Ms. Mindy for the countless ways you support our kids, our school, and our parent organizations.

THANK YOU to the ASB (Student Council) who, along with Ms. Mindy and Coach Lord, assembled swag bags for all of the students!

A THANK YOU goes to all of our tireless VOLUNTEERS, as well, who worked so hard these last few weeks to create such a successful fundraiser and event. Our community is nothing without you amazing parents and grandparents: Kati Bennett, Nikki Bergstrom, Owen Bowers, Jennifer Burgess, Fran Daly, Wendy DeCesare, Beth Deig, Rosaria Diaz, Anne Edwardson, Brigette Erpelding, Aryn Famiglietti, Hans Gienapp, Sheila Gray, Tulip Howard, Chris Jaccard, Shelley Jaccard, LaHoma Kotchian, Ian Kotchian, Seth Krosner, Gena Lamontagne, Sarah Layne, Erin MacKinnon, Sarah Meyers, Sadia Najmi, Pat Polly, Kim Schultz, David Shirk, Verdell Smith, Janet Snook, Naomi Stevens, Brian Taylor, Debbie Tirouda, Michael Van Lyon, Kip Walker, Chris Wojdak, and Felise Zollman

If you stepped in to help on the day of the event or any other time and I missed your name, THANK YOU, too!! It takes a village to run these things, and everyone that ticked laps, sprayed water, and cheered on the kids deserves a round of applause, too!!

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