2014 Run for the Green

2014 Birney Run for the Green

Please include child’s name and room number (in the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” box) when using paypal to donate.

“Because the teachers don’t give up, we never give up on ourselves.
We have empathy so we care for others.”   -Student at Alice Birney Elementary

On Friday, March 14, 2014, Birney students will hold our 7th annual Run for the Green. Our goal is to raise $33,000 to support Spanish, Art, Library and Garden programs. With a donation of $170 we are able to support the instructional costs for one student’s year of Spanish, art, earth science and a librarian! That is only $1 dollar a day! Many of our families cannot contribute this modest amount. Sponsors from community members, family, businesses, and friends enable us to bridge that gap. Through 2012 and 2013 the Friends of Alice Birney Elementary raised over $175,000 to support Spanish, art, earth science and a librarian for over 550 students. These programs are central to our prestigious International Baccalaureate curriculum. This year we must raise $92,500 to keep our programs. Would you please support our students?

Did you know that Alice Birney Elementary experienced a dramatic turnaround over the past decade? Birney doubled its enrollment, achieved excellent test scores, and is proud to have an enrollment waiting list. We had high hopes that with the passage of Prop 30 our financial constraints would be lifted, but previous budget cuts are forecasted for several more years. These budget cuts hit schools in the urbanized communities the hardest.

Your support at any level is greatly appreciated. We have great sponsor benefits available for businesses let us know your interest. Thank you for considering a donation to support our school’s success, a healthy community and a stronger future.

What some Alice Birney Elementary students are saying about their school:

“The thing I love about Birney is garden; it helps me understand different things about nature.”

“Since I have been a Birney Bee, I have gotten stronger, smarter, and better.”

“We are grateful for the things that other people give us.”

Students – If you’ve already filled your sponsor form, you can download another one here :Student Packet Sponsor Form