Big Give 2012 is ON!

7:04 – Good Morning! The event has just started and already a couple of early birds have gotten us started. We’re starting out with $60.

7:30 – Off to a strong start: 5 donations and we’re up to $660. Add your comments below…

8:00 – That must be some really good coffee! Our total has perked up to $1760

8:35 – No Grinch’s around here! We’re all about Giving at Birney! We just broke $2000

9:30 – A donation just came in with a note saying “Thank you for all you do for our children!!” – You’re welcome and back atcha – none of this works without donations from generous folks like you! Tally stands at $2700.

10:30 – Birney Bees Big Give! Birney Bees Big Give! Birney Bees Big Give! Whew, that’s quite a tongue twister. Try saying it three times fast while making your donation. The fun just doesn’t stop around here! 28 donors have given $3,395

11:30 – For those of us with third graders, this update is in ‘expanded notation’. Our current total is 3000+900+60+0

Let’s keep this rolling – here are some of the reasons to give now…

Reason #421 to join the “Big Give” right now: Tax break next April 15!
Reason #14 to join the “Big Give” right now: Saving Spanish
Reason #123 to join the “Big Give” right now: Your generosity is multiplied by an anonymous match!
Reason #19 to join the “Big Give” right now: The giddy sense of satisfaction you get from helping out
Reason #204 to join the “Big Give” right now: Coach Lord knows where you live.

12:00 – Is this the lunch rush??? Our total just shot up to $5,280!!! One of those donations came with this note: “I have two happy students at Birney. We love our school. Happy Holidays!” We love it too – thanks for your generous donation!

1:00 – Soooooo close to half way at half time. We’ve had 50 donors contribute $6,995 so far.

1:30 – Word on the street is Birney rocks (and by street I mean the entire city of San Diego)! Just passed the $8,000 mark

2:30 – Afternoon lull… $8168

4:30 – 2 and a half hours left – how much can we do? We’re just over $8800 from 72 donors now… can we find 22 more people and beat our donor count from last year?

5:30 – We’re really close to breaking 10K – $9,888 and counting

5:45 – $10,658 from 84 donors

6:30 – Can hardly keep up – like drinking from the firehose – but that’s ok – keep it coming…. 92 donors for $11,068 only 2 more donors needed to break last year’s count

6:37 – Another note from a donor – “We love our school and we’re so grateful for all of the wonderful ‘Specials’. I so wish I could donate more. These programs are really wonderful.” Your sentiments are shared by so many – with 94 donors we have now officially beaten last year’s donor count.

7:00 – Time! Put your pencils down and pass your papers to the middle…

7:19 – Time for Extra Credit! You can clean the chalk boards or Donate Now!! The Big Give 2012 has been extended until 9:00

8:15 – Interesting – lots of last minute types 🙂 We now have 109 donors and $12,463. That means we’re only $1,538 away from beating last year’s total. Can we beat that in the 45 minutes we have left? Go for it!!

9:00 – Well, that’s a wrap. What an amazing day! Thank you to everybody who participated. It was a great turnout – far better than last year. Looks like there may still be a straggler or two in the PayPal queue, so we’ll post final totals tomorrow morning.

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One Response to Big Give 2012 is ON!

  1. Ms Amanda says:

    Thank you Lily and Izzy!! Do you know 90% of the students polled for our IB re-authorization listed “Specials” as their number 1 or 2 favorite thing at Birney? These weekly enrichment lessons are a high point for our students. Spanish, Art (painting & drawing, textile, dance, theater and singing), Garden, PE, Computer Lab and Library – student look forward to their 2-3 hour “Specials” all week!
    Ms. Amanda